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I have designed and guided many clients on transitioning part or all of their yard to Edible.  Be prepared,

it is a different way of looking at maintenance and obtaining yields can take time.  But the rewards are great!  

I can also create a NABA Certified butterfly habitat.  This landscape benefits many pollinators and has great curb appeal.  We could definitely consider specialty landscapes to be a return on investment.  You cannot put a price tag on the enjoyment you get from having a certified butterfly habitat as a front yard landscape!

You can integrate butterfly friendly, native, bird friendly, and even edible selections into a contemporary design or dedicate a large portion of the landscape to these types of plants and trees. Traditional ornamental plants can be integrated so that the view from the road is still neat and tidy. Then, as you make your way into the yard, the unique aspects of the design becomes apparent.

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